Sitting in silence the veils part and I am witness to a world gone mad.

Petty tyrants split atoms to make weapons of power as my people starve and freeze upon ground made barren by fear and greed.

Children dark of skin wither to dust whilst in the west others bloat on slop even animals won’t call food.

Frightened men staring out the windows of their ivory towers, wielding power beyond their stature, watch soldiers of all creeds and colour sacrifice their lives to the lies and illusions that they have painted upon the walls of their own imagination.

Worse yet, others traffic in misery. Girls and boys stolen to feed the insatiable lust of deep pockets and damaged hearts, gorging on innocence like it was fries and coke, the contents to be scoffed and the empty husks discarded with the trash.

Children full grown, bow to paper gods made real in pages writ by men, edited by time and circumstance, then argue with one another as to whose god is best and whom worships him better, bitter and twisted, divine words turn to hate speech as egos seek only to be right.

With busy idleness leaders squabble over insignificant baubles as impotently we watch the fruit of true growth and freedom wither on the vine, but for the want of the courage of open eyes and greater yet, open hearts.

Sadly this is but a fraction of our worlds madness.

Does it not wound you to know that this is us, the tribes of man laying in ruins of our own making, yet to be made fully manifest?

Opening to the pain of the worlds forgetting, consumed, this heart aches at the suffering and waste of humanities potential.

Is this how I would live? Is this the future we want for those who would follow? Afraid and alone, lost in our own dark Universe when astounding Glory is our birthright, nay our souls right!

We have lied to ourselves. We live as spiritual children frightened by stories of a capricious deity who would end our life, steal your soul and condemn it for all time, and all of this accomplished with naught but the power of faded ink on parchment.

Children are controlled in this way. Are you not grown, can you not ask for yourself the question of death or more important still, to confront the question of life, the question that even now gnaws at our collective soul.

Where lives your desire to seek. To embody the answer that will ultimately free you for all time and duplicitously create a frightening sense of self responsibility.

Is it really YOU who is afraid?

What is the truth you fear when you ponder the words, “Who am I”?

Is it simply that you already know the answer and in embarrassment and self ridicule you ignore that which looms large before your inner eye?

Is it that you know that when you ask the question I will respond with the only truth we have … That you are Divine.

That you and each and every atom manifest in existence is born of the same source, that very same intelligence that beats your heart that breathes your form and sees the world through your eyes.

The same energy that is the sun, moon and stars that illuminate our world, that this is the truth of who you are, is that all that frightens you?

And now that the truth is laid plain before you, how can you ever have forgotten or for that matter be forgotten?

When you were born you knew this with every fibre of your being, remember it now.

The cosmos turns on a pin, the eyes of the soul are open, the bonds of your fantasy are rent, the fraudster is seen and trembles in genuine fear as the yawning darkness of infinity illuminates your inner world.

Let your inner seas boil, let your outer shell remake herself, shattered be the mind of man and glory once more be seen through the wide eyes of innocence.

We are all my children, and love is all that exists. Remember now, awaken now, surrender now and in the light of the one life be at peace now.

I am Gaia, I am remembered and I call to you, I remember you, I love you and together we remake our world.