CorpocracyI find it curious that so many, apparently educated people jump up and down about free market capitalism whenever some socially responsible agenda or suggestion is put forth.  They howl words like Socialism, Communism, Marxism and big government control, and whilst that might be a fair call from their perspective, the simple fact is they are starting from an erroneous understanding.

We do not have / live in a society run by free market capitalism; we live in a carefully controlled “corptocracy”.

If we did indeed live in a free market economy (the ideal of capitalism) we would see:

  • Cheap power generation through an endless variety of renewable sources.
  • A plethora of free energy devices.
  • Cars that got 350mpg or more mpg. (such technology was available in the 70’s)
  • Perhaps cars that run on water or air, or even fly.
  • An abundance of Hemp based products replacing plastics, paper and timber products.
  • Cures for cancer and many of the world’s current ailments and diseases.
  • Wholesome farming practices and bountiful harvests from a variety of sustainable techniques.
  • An honest media, with multiple and competing sources.
  • Governments would issue their own currency for infrastructure projects that support the people.
  • A world in which hunger, violence and war were a thing of the past.

These are just some of the things we would see if the world had a genuine free market system.

The truth is, we live in a carefully controlled corptocracy, run by banksters, fraudsters, psychopaths and sociopaths of all flavors and ilks. Banking cartels, oil cartels, mining cartels, pharmaceutical cartels, military industrial cartels, food and agriculture cartels, diamond cartels, and all manner of sneaky business practices all grubbing to hang on to power and siphon money, power and life from the many who are just wanting to contribute to their community, see their kids happy and just generally lead a good life.

Sadly we do not live in a free market economy; the few make us pay dearly for a lost ideal.

So the next time you want to bang on about capitalism and you want to rubbish any socially aware project or agenda, stop and think, then shut up and go away…..

Educate yourself about the reality of the system, then we can talk about changing it!