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Posted by Samyo On May - 8 - 2015 0 Comment

Can you hear it, that noise gnawing at your soul? Do you feel its tiny teeth slowly nibbling away at the foundation of your illusion, washing away the footings of a castle built on sand, lapping at your feet, calling you like a sirens song to your own inevitable demise? Can you open yet, to that place where the monster lives, dark , deep and way inside you, and do you tremble at the letting go? Standing before the gate, do you long to step through or do you long to stay, clinging to hope that an unseen hand will  [ Read More ]

Posted by Samyo On February - 13 - 2013 0 Comment

Sitting in silence the veils part and I am witness to a world gone mad.

Petty tyrants split atoms to make weapons of power whilst my people starve and freeze upon ground made barren by fear and greed.

Children, dark of skin, wither to dust when in the west others bloat on slop even animals won’t call food.