Man know yourself and ye shall be as the gods knowing both good and evil.

This is what was written above the Temple of the Oracle at Delphi


Well you have found your way here, or you stumbled upon this place by accident or design, either way, welcome to an outlet for some of my inner musings.

My name is Samyo and I have been exploring myself since the mid 90’s when panic attacks depression & chronic fatigue opened a door to a new reality. Though it would be more accurate to say it shattered the illusions of my old one.

Since then I have been on a quest. In the beginning, it was a quest to cure my body, then one to fix my mindset, then to heal my inner child, then things really went down the rabbit hole.

Basically, it is a quest to discover the truth of who I am, the I that lives beyond the human concepts of reality.

The journey home to ourselves, or The Great Work, as it is known in some circles is a path that we will all take, as individual expressions of the Divine and as a collective species, to come to know ourselves is what we are here for.

The blogs, poems articles and videos on this site are inspired by my exploration and passion for a new wave of humanity, one that actually gives a shit about each other and seeks to better itself and understand its place in the Universe.

News, Views & Poetry

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Passion for Knowledge

My other growing passion is interviewing amazing people. The link below will take you to some of my early videos and there will be a growing body of them as I expand this side of things and continue to meet amazing healers, thinkers and wayshowers.
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Heal Yourself Expo’s are held on the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Redcliffe and Gympie and our focus is creating a community of healers, speakers and … READ MORE