There was a time not so long ago when we came in voices of one’s and two’s.

We came to remind the world of who we are, of the great potential of humanity.

Now many have come, different lands, different times.

Jesus the Nazarene, Siddartha Guatama the Buddha, Muhammad, Zarathustra, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, John the Baptist…. Lone voices singing the song of creation to remind us of who we are.

Then for a time the world grew dark, as we deepened into our forgetting. Yet out of the darkness came visions of our true nature, St Joan of Arc, Galileo, Leonardo Davinci. Martin Luther, Osho, and many luminaries both male and female.

Still they were lone voices in this earthly choir…… until now.

The wheel has come full circle and the time is now upon us, a time when many voices sing the song of the one life.

Never before have so many remembered our true nature, never before have so many been striving to reconnect with our divine self.

For thousands of years many have toiled and held the space, chanted in the Himalayas, sung the song of the Beloved on the prairies, in the desert’s and in the forests, waiting for the day, waiting for the sun to rise upon a golden age. An age of love and partnership, an age of co-creation, when humanity has remembered itself, and when brothers and sisters of all tribes can gaze into each others eyes and see only the Beloved looking back.

The gateway has opened and the awakening of the conscious evolution of the peoples of earth has taken root in the hearts of many …. It can no longer be stopped ….

Even as we see the destruction and violence of/and towards many peoples on the earth, through war, famine and ignorance, know that this is symptomatic of the shift of the ages. The resonant frequency of the earth continues to rise and some of our manifest form are struggling to let go, and yet not struggling. Like the subtle tension in a seed just before it breaks from its shell, just before it breaks through, just before it’s transformation from it’s warm nurturing place in the soil, that is the moment of our evolution.

There is nothing to do but to hold the focus and the vision of our new lives, hold peace and love in our hearts and mind even in moments when we feel overcome with the dissonance of the old ways, simply be the witness to this glorious life, this glorious unfoldment.

As the voices gather together in chorus, and as the few become the many, consciousness is awakening to itself. And it will not be stopped.

It is a joyous time to be alive, to be incarnate, to witness and to play our part in this shift of the ages.

Even those that we may consider dark forces, harbingers of violence and destruction, agents of our forgetting, know too that they play the hardest role. We have created them we called them to us and for this moment we need them. We need them need them to urge us forward, to propel us inexorably beyond the current ignorance of our true state, for there is nought in the world, indeed nothing in this amazing Multi-verse that is not the divine, it is simply not possible.

So when next you gaze upon one that you may have called an enemy, know that it is yourself upon whom you look, know that it is but an aspect of yourself seeking expression, even though it may seem not. Know to that you have played a part in it’s creation, both light and dark, for there is only the oneness of all things, and as morning follows night, know that awakening is here, and the Morning Star heralds the dawn of the age. Know too that the love of the Divine Mother/Father never left, it but slumbered for a brief moment in our collective unconscious, and today we are remembered,

Celebrate each breath, each contact with another, listen to the song of creation in the world around you, gaze out from within at the magnificence of your creation, even though it may not look how you would like it to, know that all is in it’s perfection.

When next you see something that you judge as less than perfect, know that it is your minds perception based on past programming that is judging, then look again and see only perfection, so that your life may reflect perfection in all things.

When you see an act as not Love, within yourself or another, look again and see perhaps the woundedness of Love seeking to express itself, then only Love will be reflected in your life.

When you judge a thing as ignorant or unconscious, look again and see the divine expressing it’self even in the ignorant and unconscious, so that then all you see around you is Divine.

For that is all there is, the Divine expressing itself in every act, in every human, every plant, animal, cloud and stone, the song of creation is sung by each particle of this wondrous Universe, one song, creations song, allow it to sing you, and you will be free, and the world will reflect your freedom.

Samyo & the Poet Factory