Today Israel and Palestine are bombing the hell out of each other.  Missiles rain down across borders like children throwing stones across a fence … only the stones are high explosives that are designed to kill as many as possible… though the behavior is still that of emotional children.

Each side blames the other and the western media aligns itself with Israel for god knows what reason. Each side is responsible for a enmity whose true cause has been obscured by the machinery of propaganda .  This has to stop, they are acting as children arguing over who has the best way to worship God .. it is ridiculous and by no means limited to the middle east. The whole stupidity of the world religions is based on who is worshiping the right God in the right way ..

Seriously !!! How childish is that?

Giant organisation worth billions  of dollars vie with backroom churches for your dollar and your soul. All in the name of “We are the right way & the right God” … the hypocrisies are immense, blind Freddy can see them, they are a a mile wide and ten miles deep … and I ache at the stupidity of it all.

People rely on a book or some outside authority to answer the most important and fundamental question of our existence.

Who am I and what is my relationship to others and to the Universe … Why am I here?

Why would you let anyone else answer that for you ???

Is that not the sort of question that you should really explore for yourself, and keep exploring until you exhaust all possibilities ?

The greatest problem we have is that people look outside of themselves for the answer. Like little children, they look for some sort of trusting Daddy like figure to tell them how it is and who they are, they look outside to find God and their relationship to her.

The answer is not outside.

Yes there are signposts outside, there are guides that can point you in the right direction, there are books that are beautiful and insightful … but from where does that insight arise ?

It arises in you, it lives in you. It lives in your very being, it is your very being, it beats your heart, and it writes these words that you perceive through your eyes.

We are all God, the Divine, the Universe, the Goddess, the Giant Spaghetti Monster … whatever name you want to give to it, it is you, me, us.

This morning I posted a comment on a Facebook page, something inspired by Echart Tolle, I read the beautiful comments and then found a pile of comments from some sort of Christian evangelical person who was busy quoting the bible and telling everyone else that they were wrong and that they would all go to hell.  What is with that?

What of those of us who have struggle with the question of our relationship to the Divine. Who have scoured all of the books, common and obscure. We who have sat in groups and shared our pain, mediated, cried, yelled, and dug deeply into ourselves and our own story. Those of us that have put ourselves to the hazard time and again to discover that truth of God for ourselves, only to find that again we must suffer at the hands of the ignorant. It seems little has changed in the passing few thousand years.

It was those comments which inspired the picture that goes  with this post. A collection of books and magazines you will easily recognize.

And I confess I had a little trepidation in putting it together, and yet it was also clear that it what was I needed to do … As a humanity we need to lift ourselves out of the bigotry and ignorance born of our current mainstream religions, we need to seek the truth for and within ourselves … and when that truth has been laid bare for enough of us, the world will change and Peace and Prosperity  for all will be the rule rather than the exception.

We must wake up , and we must speak up and end this nonsense …. enough is enough, no child should ever again die because people cannot agree on how to worship God.

That’s my rant for today.